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Essential Oil – My Spare 6 Back Ups

There are so many amazing essential oil sometimes it is hard to choose the best one for any moment in time, so as well as My Ultimate 7, I thought I would also share My Spare 7.

In my previous blog, I listed My Ultimate 7 favourite essential oils that are particularly good at helping settle emotions and nurture people going through challenging or unsettling times. They were oils that will help keep you focused, grounded and uplifted so you can keep moving forward positively.

In this blog, My Spare 7 Essential Oils, are just as great at helping to maintain more balanced and settled emotions, as well helping people to express their emotions and clear both mental and emotional fatigue.

Before you start using oils though, please consult a qualified professional, particularly if using topically (on the skin), or feel free to contact us at Sanctuary for Souls.

Some of these oils have been my own personal life savers and a great resource for assisting many clients over the years!

Cedarwood Atlas

Cedarwood has quite a strong aroma, so use sparingly, as this oil can be very piercing and powerful.

It has a stimulating effect, whilst elevating and opening the psyche.

Cedarwood Atlas can provide strength to help calm irritation and fear. Also a great oil to vaporise when doing meditation or yoga, as it helps to deepen the breath.


A beautiful essential oil that brings peace, comfort and strength, particularly during times of transition in life for strengthening the psyche.  

If you find you are feeling over-sensitive and weepy during life’s transitions and changes, this is an excellent oil for helping to over come those feelings.

Feeling angry with the world? Cypress will also help to dissipate feelings of anger.


If you are feeling completely overwhelmed, Ginger is the oil for you;

Very warming, so also great for circulation issues.

Use sparingly in the bath and ensure you mix it well into the bath water – ONLY 1-2 drops!

Otherwise use sparingly in a vaporiser, as has a very potent aroma


Are you one of those people that constantly chew things over and over in your mind?

Then this oil could be a blessing in disguise…..

Not only is it psychologically cleansing and purifying, but it is a fantastic essential oil for those with intellectual fatigue in helping clear the mind. 

Juniper is another oil that is good for those feeling a little over-sensitive and weepy. Although personally it reminds me of my nan and also smells a little like Gin! Not that my nan smells like Gin…. I hope she doesn’t read this, or I am in BIG trouble!


Just like the beautiful and gentle Roman Chamomile, Petitgrain is soft enough to use with and around children. 

Spiritually uplifting, soothing and calming on the nerves, Petitgrain helps balance emotions whilst bringing sweetness and cheer to your soul.

It is a great oil to use in a morning bath to strengthen you for the day ahead.

I find that getting creative in moments of change or transition, can help relieve stress and anxiety; this oil is one oil that will help you find and enhance your creativity.

Petitgrain also has similar qualities to Roman Chamomile in that it is also good for relieving insomnia, as well as symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

For a double whammy, blend with Roman Chamomile in a vaporiser.


This is one of my favourite oils to use with clients when they are doing one of our Programs and struggling to express themselves, as this essential oil helps to draw people out. 

So if you are having trouble communicating your wants and needs to those around you, consider vaporising in and around your ‘safe space’.

There is something about the pleasant aroma of Rosewood that gives a feeling of widespread acceptance. It can also help with headaches, when used in a vaporiser.

It has similar qualities to most of the oils mentioned so far, in that it can assist with anxiety, stress, depression and mood swings.


As per my previous blog about my Ultimate 7 Essential Oils, blending essential oils takes practice. Everyone’s senses are different, as are people’s preferences for different aromas. I have also discovered over time, that there are days when I absolutely loathe a particular oil and then days when it can have an unbelievable settling effect, depending on the emotions being experienced at that moment in time.

This has been the same for my clients, so if you find you are being drawn to a particular essential oil, go with it and use your intuition.

Essential oils are extremely powerful and not just pretty smelling things, please remember to use them with great respect at all times and if in doubt contact Vicky with any questions.

NB: Never use essential oils neat on the skin; apart from lavender or Tea Tree oil it is dangerous to do so. In a bath, use a maximum of 5-6 drops for an adult or 2-3 drops for a child. Show essential oils the same respect you would pharmaceutical drugs! You can just as easily overdose or poison yourself with essential oils!

More importantly though, enjoy the experience!


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