Meditation AND Alcohol?

Meditation AND Alcohol? Really?

Generally, when I am telling people about my events they love the sound of it or are intrigued, and maybe you are one of them, but I quite often get comments similar to:

“Meditation with alcohol? Isn’t that a bit contradictory….?”

For me – No it’s not!

And here is why….

Whilst we aim to live healthy every day, we also need to:

– relax
– have some fun
– enjoy some self care

along with the simple pleasures in life!

Life is about balance right?

Society has us believing, we must cut out the carbs, the sugar, the alcohol, the gluten etc, live like a saint, and not even look at something that might tempt us into evil ways. And…

To a certain extent I agree, but…

If you have a healthy and balanced diet, which includes a large variety of fruit and veg, get lots of fresh air and know about the benefits of breathing properly, (if not, read here), exercise, enjoy some regular sunshine, drinks lots of pure and natural water, (for an alternative to tap water click here), then surely you can allow yourself some minor graces?

It’s not like the our event – Indulgent Nights – is about over indulgence, because it’s not.

Indulgent Nights are about taking some time out for yourself with like minded people, to be still and truly appreciate some high quality produce, without checking your phone, social media, emails, watching the kids or TV, running around trying to multi-task, or eating on the run.

Eating Mindfully

Being conscious of what you are doing, eating, drinking and savouring every last mouthful.

Allowing your senses to seduce you into being more mindful in future.

Observing the difference in your mind and body, as your relax and breathe, whilst I guide your tastebuds on a journey of pleasure.

Sure the alcohol helps you to relax, but…

You’ll be surprised at the difference in the effect, when you are mindful of what you are consuming and why.

If you are stressed over all that family time over the summer break, or the thought or returning to work fills you with dread, or you are plain and simply just exhausted from a life constantly on the go, then maybe you need to consider some ways to get the stress levels down.

To reduce stress levels, what can be a better night out, than one that involves:

* meditation,
* breathing,
* chocolate and
* consciously enjoying some wine (Pinot Noir, Cab Sauv and Shiraz over winter), or
* cocktails (Espresso martinis & Mojitos over summer).

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