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Essential Oils – My Ultimate 7 to Support You

One of the things I love most about what I do, apart from my wonderful clients, is the time I get to play with different essential oils, being a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist. 

Some essential oils have multiple benefits and below are just a few.

Before you start using oils though, please consult a qualified professional, particularly if using topically (on the skin), or feel free to contact us at Sanctuary for Souls.

Here I have listed My Ultimate 7 favourite essential oils. They are particularly good at helping settle emotions and nurture people going through challenging or unsettling times. These oils will help keep you focused, grounded and uplifted so you can keep moving forward positively.

Some of these oils have been my own personal life savers!

Lavender Essential Oil

This is my number one oil for many reasons. It is only ONE of TWO oils that are SAFE to use neat on the skin, so it is perfect in a First Aid box. Coming from a hospitality background and having nearly lost my left thumb a few years back, the lack of scarring on my hands is proof enough of the miraculous properties of Lavender. 


From a Psycho-Spiritual point of view, Lavender is an universally nurturing oil. It is also sedative and calming to the nervous system, helping to regulate fluctuating mood swings and feelings of emotional insecurity.

Create a relaxed atmosphere by adding a couple of drops to an evening bath or vaporiser.

As for the other 6 oils, I have listed them in alphabetical for ease of future reference.

Chamomile (Roman) Essential Oil

This essential oil is very different to its more common sibling, German Chamomile. It also has a much more subtle aroma. 

Because it is so gentle, it is an amazing oil for use with children as well as adults.

So if the changes you are going through are affecting the whole family, this oil can be vaporised in rooms where children also spend time.

In adults it helps with anxiety, stress, irritability, insomnia and shock. Yet with children it can help with those temper tantrums and sleeping problems.

As an all round oil, it is great for people stuck in melancholy and particularly those working through “inner child” issues.

Apply to the solar plexus region for the best effect on your nervous system and for beneficial psychological effects. Use ONLY 1 drop of Roman Chamomile oil to 5ml of a base oil i.e Light Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil or similar. Any oil you would use as a salad dressing base is safe to use as a base massage oil.

Frankincense Essential Oil

A perfect combination with sandalwood. 

Both oils have been used in meditation since ancient times.

Frankincense is protective of the aura, and both have a soothing and elevating effect on the emotions.

Frankincense also contains a psycho-active substance that is used to expand consciousness.

Add 3 drops to an evening bath for any symptoms caused by anxiety, especially good for asthmatics as it helps deepen and regulate breathing.

Fearing the future or feeling depressed? Frankincense will help you move forward.

Personally, I use this as a resin as well as an essential oil.

I love to use the resin like the Greeks do in church on the charcoal pieces and use it to cleanse my massage and meditation room before clients arrive and/or after. I have also found that when I am having restless nights, it can be settling and protective of my aura whilst I dream, I often sleep deeper when I have ‘burnt’ the resin in my bedroom.

Jasmine Essential Oil

Associated more with perfumes, as a sensual essence, Jasmine is actually more of a wonder oil than most people realise. 

Jasmine stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter encephaline which acts as a painkiller.

Many find it uplifting and consequently a good oil as a anti-depressant due to its euphoric qualities.

It is opening to the emotions and can be deeply penetrating, easing anxiety, stress, sadness and a lack of confidence.

Use in the bath or a vaporiser.

Lemon Essential Oil

I love this oil; I particularly enjoy adding a couple of drops to the mop bucket before doing the floors.

Not only antibacterial, but also uplifting.

A Japanese study found typing mistakes were reduced 54% when lemon oil was put through the aircon!

Therefore, Lemon oil assists with a lack of concentration as well as clarifying mental fatigue.

Lemon also eases emotional confusion and depression. Only use for vaporising! NOT to be used in the bath or on skin, unless under the guidance of a qualified Aromatherapist.

Myrrh Essential Oil

Like Frankincense, Myrrh is a very ancient oil used for meditation.

It is particularly useful for those who are bound up emotionally or spiritually and need to create changes in their lives.

An oil I love to use during massage for some of my clients who are going through particularly challenging times. 

Myrrh is quite a heavy/thick oil, known as a ‘base note’ to aromatherapists, so if using in the bath please ensure you mix it in well to the water; and only 1-2 drops are needed.

Perfect for nervous exhaustion, mental fatigue, anxiety, stress, tension, fear and depression.

Rose Essential Oil

Just as the flowers are given as gifts of love or symbolise love, the oil is used in all matters concerning the heart.

Rose, as an essential oil, is a soothing tonic for the heart and strengthens the inner self.

It is another oil that is great for helping to release feelings of anger and is particularly good for those suffering from low self-esteem or a lack of self-confidence.

Suffering from mood swings or grief? Rose will help heal your heart…..

One of few essential oils that is gentle yet strong enough to softly and boldly help those with manic-depressive syndrome. Rose is also a beautiful oil that can help keep you grounded at times of unrest.

Blending essential oils takes practice, as everyone’s senses are different, as are people’s preferences for different aromas. I have also discovered over time, that there are days when I absolutely loathe a particular oil and then days when it can have an unbelievable settling effect, depending on the emotions being experienced at that moment in time.

This has been the same for my clients, so if you find you are being drawn to a particular essential oil, go with it and use your intuition.

Essential oils are extremely powerful and not just pretty smelling things, please remember to use them with great respect at all times and if in doubt contact Vicky with any questions.


Never use essential oils neat on the skin; apart from Lavender or Tea Tree oil it is dangerous to do so. Never ever digest essential oils, even if told it is safe to do so, as it is NOT and as a Clinical Aromatherapist I lose my insurance and professional association memberships if I was to do so.

In a bath, use a maximum of 5-6 drops for an adult or 2-3 drops for a child. Show essential oils the same respect you would pharmaceutical drugs! You can just as easily overdose or poison yourself with essential oils!

More importantly though, enjoy the experience!


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